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Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Exide - Leading the battery industry

Exide Batteries is pleased to announce the launch of its next generation product range.  All modern applications place heavy demand on the battery's performance than ever before.  Exide understands these changes and have recently commissioned a comprehensive car-parc research into genuine OEM specification requirements which has resulted in the design of Exide's leading range, designed specifically for the Australian & New Zealand Market.

For years now, the battery market has pointed to Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) as the determinant for assessing the quality of the battery.  Whilst CCA is important, all key product specifications pertaining to battery performance are equally important.  That is Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), Reserve Capacity(RCm) and Amp Hours(AH).  Exide has recently designed its specifications on a balanced approach respecting all of these battery characteristics.

Our 'Balanced Power' approach is to achieve 'Longer Life' which is the number one requirement of the purchaser.  This has been backed by Exide innovative 'Extended Warranty system"

We are so confident in the performance of our new product range we are backing our Extreme range of batteries with an industry leading 42 Month Warranty Offer!  Consumers simply register there details via our innovative QR Code registration system and receive bonus warranty of up to 42 months.

Just another reason to choose Exide

Our next generation of Exide Batteries will be available in June 2014.

Exide Extended Warranty Program

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Exide's Extended Warranty Program

Exide has designed its range based on a three tier good, better, best strategy in each application category.  Each tier reflects Quality, which reflect Performance & Life and which is backed by our Manufacturers guarantee.  As such each product has its own distinctive warranty offer ranging from 6 months to 42 months, inclusive of our new Bonus Warranty gained by registering your product.

How Extended Warranty Works

Either scan the QR code (see top label) with your smart phone or type in the website address which takes you straight to the registration page and registration only takes a minute...

By completing the registration, consumer receive a free bonus warranty term and secure their purchase details if they ever lose or misplace their receipt, providing them with absolute peace of mind.

When the battery come towards 'end of life' the consumer will receive the alert to avoid unnecessary breakdown in the future.


PRESS RELEASE: Battery Company to Cease Local Manufacturing

Friday, January 31, 2014

Battery Company to Cease Local Manufacturing

Marshall Power today advised employees of the company’s intent to cease its local battery manufacturing in Edinburgh North, South Australia.

This announcement affects factory employees, with manufacturing at the plant planned to conclude by the end of 
2014, when the site will operate as a Distribution Centre.

This was a very difficult decision and not one made lightly. We are very proud of our manufacturing history and 
to lose some of our dedicated team members is always a last resort. We must ensure long-term viability and sustainability for the larger employee group.
" Said Andrew Duncan, Marshall Power Australasian Sales and Marketing Director. 

All Edinburgh North employees have been made aware of the Company’s intent and have also been advised that the business has provided for all their entitlements. The Company has an established process of consultation and communication and will ensure that this process is conducted with dignity. A meeting of all employees took place at Edinburgh North, SA today at 2.30PM AEDT and counselling and outplacement services have been offered. 

The business owns a range of leading automotive battery brands including Exide and Marshall, which continues to be sold across Australia and New Zealand. Some of these products have been manufactured locally while others have been imported. 

“We recognise the great work of our manufacturing staff in South Australia and they will be fully supported throughout the transition. All viable options have been explored and due to competing imports and to deliver increased value to all Australian and New Zealand motorists, we have no choice but to fully utilise our associated companies to manufacture offshore. Whilst we are deeply saddened about losing some of our team, this announcement delivers long term viability and allows us to continue to provide best in class product and a new range that will secure continued supply and value to our customers. 

Our business will continue to supply Australian car manufacturers and our Australasian aftermarket customers. Today’s announcement is not attributable to any one specific factor and is not related to any decisions made by Australian car manufacturers. This is a commercial decision taken by our business." said Mr Duncan.

Marshall Power is dedicated to delivering the best technology and continued value to its customers. 

Since 1935, the business has been and will continue to provide market leading batteries for automotive manufacturers and aftermarkets across a range of uses including Car, Marine, Motorcycle, 4WD,caravanning, Agribusiness, Trucking and Home & Garden products.

For further media information, please contact
Travis Atkins
0417 329 138


Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The old Exide Batteries site at 149 Hutt Park Road was recently sold and Exide will vacate the historic premises on August 30, 2013. It is understood that the site will be redeveloped by the new owners.

As a final farewell to the Exide site that has housed the company for over 80 years, Exide held a reunion for all past.

Exide had manufactured, warehoused, and distributed automotive batteries from its Gracefield site that was strategically placed to service the local car manufacturing industry such as Ford in Seaview (now Placemakers), Chrysler/Todds/Mitsubishi in Porirua and Holden Trentham.

Andrew Duncan Director – Sales & Marketing, Marshall Power Australasia, whom himself held various roles in the past at the site says "The leading technology and reliability of the product remains but the premises is sadly going. We want to celebrate the team that has made Exide Batteries a leading battery range in New Zealand, we want to find and invite them to a reunion as a thank you for all the wonderful work over the many, many years."

The site at 149 Hutt Park Road was Head Office for Exide Batteries since approximately 1941.  The earliest photo the company owns has the inscription:  ‘Presented to the Management of Exide Batteries of NZ Ltd by the first Exide Social committee on the 15th July 1941’ 

Social Committee July 1941







Whether this group was employees and partners or only employees is unclear. There seems to be 50/50 split of men and women, but during the war many more women were employed. 

An aerial photo of the area taken prior to 1976 shows an empty site next door, where the Goulds Factory was built, which is now owned by Label & Litho. 

Behind the site are Ministry of Works buildings that have since been demolished.  Many of the residential houses shown in the photo are now industrial use. 


The company has operated under different names, depending on the owners over the decades, including Battery Makers of NZ Ltd, Chloride, GNB and Exide, and purchased other battery companies over the years such as Amalgamated Batteries, Vesta Batteries, Rokfire and others. Battery brands such as ABL Powerbreed, Exide and of course Marshall (Holler for a Marshall) are all part of the past and current stable.

The longest serving employee currently at Exide was employed in 1972, and he can recall that there were over 300 employees at that time with the factory then manufacturing over 400,000 car batteries per annum, many of which were exported to Australia. 

In October 2000 Exide Technologies Inc based in USA purchased the company from Pacific Dunlop, and the name changed from GNB to Exide Technologies Ltd.  At that time there were 185 employees in NZ, 38 at the Waione St site for battery recycling and 85 at the Hutt Park Rd site for battery manufacturing and Head Office. 

In the year 2000, the factory was manufacturing 900 batteries per day for the NZ market.  In September 2006 Exide ceased manufacturing at Hutt Park Rd site and the Exide factory in Adelaide, South Australia took over the manufacture of Exide batteries for NZ.

The management team of the Hutt Park Rd site in early 1984 are shown in the boardroom with the latest product offering with  Messers Cooksley (Sales Manager), Turner (Accountant),  Day  (Production) , Smith (CEO), Cosgrove (Company Secretary) and Toolan, (Manufacturing Manager).

In 1996 the company was then GNB, and had staff photos taken outside the Hutt Park Road and Waione St sites. 

Over the years, this iconic site & company has employed thousands of Wellingtonians, contributed millions to the local economy and has been awarded with many business and quality awards. Now in 2013, one of the strongest privately owned global battery companies purchased the business now called Marshall Power.

The  head office is now located at Auckland (Mt Wellington) with offices the breadth of the North and South Island including Whangarei, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch and Exide will continue to provide New Zealand with a great start for many years to come. 

Powerider...Its a cut above the rest

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Powerider- the robust battery perfectly designed for our local tough conditions.  Typical of the Exide range, Powerider delivers:    

  • Superior starting power
  • Reliable ongoing performance
  • Long life
  • 12 month national warranty

Powerider - the range that is reshaping the battery market as well as your lawn.  Perfect for use in seasonal domestic applications right through to heavier commercial use.  Also suited to some small cars, jet skis, tractors and generators.

Download Information sheet

World Heli Challenge 2013

Thursday, August 01, 2013

All eyes of the international snowsports world are on New Zealand right now with some of the world's best flying south for the 2013 World Heli Challenge.

Exide Batteries powers the World Heli Challenge.

It is an elite heli-accessed ski and snowboard event attracting athletes from around the world to challenge themselves in the backcountry terrain surrounding Wanaka. As we know, this part of NZ is where only the strong (Batteries) survive.

Southern Lakes Heli fly the competitors on two competition days - a Freestyle Day and Extreme Day. Athletes are judged on their overall performance across both days, their abilities to showcase their freeriding skills in steep and challenging terrain and to deliver a smooth, strong and consistent line.

This year's World Heli Challenge event kicks off on Friday, 26 July with the first-ever Junior World Heli Challenge for 12-16 year old athletes.

The elite level ski and snowboard event will then take place from 4 to 22 August this year with a strong local line up including 2012 winner Will Jackways and Wanaka legends Sam Smoothy and Fraser McDougall. International athletes are also flying down for a piece of the action including snowboarder Antti Autti from Finland.

More info? or

PRESS RELEASE - New Owner For Iconic Battery Brands - Exide & Marshall

Wednesday, February 06, 2013



Exide Technologies today announced the sale of its Australasian Transportation division to Marshall Power Australia and Marshall Power Limited in   
New Zealand (“MP).  The sale was finalised on February 4, 2013. 

This sale does not include or affect the Australasian GNB Industrial division which Exide Technologies Incorporated will retain going forward.

MP, an associated entity of RAMCAR Batteries Inc., will assume the transportation business in its entirety, including sales operations, the battery manufacturing facility in Edinburgh North, South Australia and will continue to locally manufacture batteries for the Australasian OEM and Aftermarket using the iconic brands of Exide and Marshall Batteries. 

RAMCAR, headquartered in the Philippines, was founded in 1919 and is one of the leading independent lead-acid battery manufacturers in the ASEAN region, the United States and the leading battery manufacturer in the Philippines with strong OEM links. The company manufactures a complete line of domestic and foreign automotive and commercial batteries using the very latest technology and quality control methods. It also owns and operates businesses in the IT area as well as specialising tooling and engineering. 

MP will continue to operate the business as an ongoing concern, leveraging the brands and businesses of both Exide and Marshall for long term growth.

‘This acquisition brings together a global leading automotive battery company with the iconic Exide Batteries product, a strong business culture with professional staff and systems.  It will continue to build on the 75+ years of trading that Exide and Marshall have enjoyed in the region’ said Bong Bernardo, MP’s Managing Director.

MP’s Australasian Director of Sales & Marketing, Andrew Duncan also adds ‘We are delighted that MPL will continue to be ‘product’, ‘R&D’ and ‘customer’ focused and enhance the operations in Australasia, further cementing our market leading brands. The commitment to stored electrical energy solutions remains second to none and this new era is welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm’. 

Exide Technologies will work closely with RAMCAR throughout a transition period to ensure a smooth move for customers and a continuance or World leading products and service. 

Download Press Release

For further media information, please contact

Travis Atkins
0417 329 138

The ultimate battery power now comes with more heart

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The iconic Exide Extra and Extreme range has turned PINK.  

There is now even more reason to choose a trusted and reliable Exide battery, you will also be helping to support the amazing work of the Breast Cancer Network

How to purchase a pink battery: go to our store locator for your nearest store or phone 0800 651 611.


The Breast Cancer Network is a volunteer organisation supporting all New Zealanders who are affected by breast cancer. They raise money to provide support networks for

those suffering from breast cancer and work on the prevention of breast cancer.

Help us stop cancer where it starts.

For further information on THE Breast Cancer Network please go to:

World Heli Challenge

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

World Heli Challenge

Powered by Exide, the World Heli Challenge is two weeks of free-riding and all around good times in New Zealand. For a handful of the world’s best skiers, boarders, photographers and cinematographers World Heli Challenge (WHC) is an epic adventure and comp in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

The annual event that combines two days of exciting on-hill competition—the Extreme Day and the Freestyle Day—with separate challenges for photographers and filmers.

Allotting two weeks of time for the event allows organizers to host the Extreme Day and the Freestyle Day in optimal conditions, while granting plenty of time for photographers and filmers to produce amazing content. This year, the weather cooperated and the respective on-hill competitions were held early on. This enabled all participants to roam the hills surrounding Wanaka in the subsequent days, and to produce a stunning collection of visuals.

Exide – the start of every great adventure. Be sure to check out the World Heli Challenge on Fuel TV






TX Day



7:30:00 PM




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7:30:00 AM




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2:20:00 AM




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6:00:00 PM


New Exide Motorcycle range

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Exide Launches new bike range



Exide is pleased to announce the launch of its new motorcycle and power sport battery range.



Exide Maintenance Free  range deliver high performance power, multi-positional fitment and fully sealed after plug installation delivering a leak-proof, spill-proof powerhouse. Suitable for the weather extremes of Australia and New Zealand, the AGM construction (immobilised acid in cells) and AGM (Glass mat) separator is the optimal choice for reliable performance in motorcycles, personal water craft and a range of leisure product.


Exide Conventional delivers the renowned reliability and flexibilty of being fully maintenable.  Designed for normal use in motorcycles,  personal watercraft and a range of leisure product.



So when you're cruising the open road and looking for the very best in performance and reliability, Exide Bike batteries will get you on the road faster and keep you there longer.


Ask your nearest Exide stockist  about this new range.



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