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PRESS RELEASE - New Owner For Iconic Battery Brands - Exide & Marshall

Wednesday, February 06, 2013



Exide Technologies today announced the sale of its Australasian Transportation division to Marshall Power Australia and Marshall Power Limited in   
New Zealand (“MP).  The sale was finalised on February 4, 2013. 

This sale does not include or affect the Australasian GNB Industrial division which Exide Technologies Incorporated will retain going forward.

MP, an associated entity of RAMCAR Batteries Inc., will assume the transportation business in its entirety, including sales operations, the battery manufacturing facility in Edinburgh North, South Australia and will continue to locally manufacture batteries for the Australasian OEM and Aftermarket using the iconic brands of Exide and Marshall Batteries. 

RAMCAR, headquartered in the Philippines, was founded in 1919 and is one of the leading independent lead-acid battery manufacturers in the ASEAN region, the United States and the leading battery manufacturer in the Philippines with strong OEM links. The company manufactures a complete line of domestic and foreign automotive and commercial batteries using the very latest technology and quality control methods. It also owns and operates businesses in the IT area as well as specialising tooling and engineering. 

MP will continue to operate the business as an ongoing concern, leveraging the brands and businesses of both Exide and Marshall for long term growth.

‘This acquisition brings together a global leading automotive battery company with the iconic Exide Batteries product, a strong business culture with professional staff and systems.  It will continue to build on the 75+ years of trading that Exide and Marshall have enjoyed in the region’ said Bong Bernardo, MP’s Managing Director.

MP’s Australasian Director of Sales & Marketing, Andrew Duncan also adds ‘We are delighted that MPL will continue to be ‘product’, ‘R&D’ and ‘customer’ focused and enhance the operations in Australasia, further cementing our market leading brands. The commitment to stored electrical energy solutions remains second to none and this new era is welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm’. 

Exide Technologies will work closely with RAMCAR throughout a transition period to ensure a smooth move for customers and a continuance or World leading products and service. 

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New Exide Motorcycle range

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Exide Launches new bike range



Exide is pleased to announce the launch of its new motorcycle and power sport battery range.



Exide Maintenance Free  range deliver high performance power, multi-positional fitment and fully sealed after plug installation delivering a leak-proof, spill-proof powerhouse. Suitable for the weather extremes of Australia and New Zealand, the AGM construction (immobilised acid in cells) and AGM (Glass mat) separator is the optimal choice for reliable performance in motorcycles, personal water craft and a range of leisure product.


Exide Conventional delivers the renowned reliability and flexibilty of being fully maintenable.  Designed for normal use in motorcycles,  personal watercraft and a range of leisure product.



So when you're cruising the open road and looking for the very best in performance and reliability, Exide Bike batteries will get you on the road faster and keep you there longer.


Ask your nearest Exide stockist  about this new range.



Tough Aussie Awarded

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Exide batteries has just been awarded the prestigious “Toyota President’s Award for Design and Development” at the annual Toyota Supplier Conference held in April 2011.   The award recognizes excellence in design and development where application of leading battery technologies in close consultation with Toyota has resulted in a battery with superior performance for Camry and Aurion.

Five years of design and development by dedicated Exide technicians and staff has been recognised by Toyota with vehicle customers and battery purchasers being the ultimate beneficiaries of Exide’s commitment to deliver the best batteries in the world.

Exide Technologies is one of the largest battery suppliers to vehicle manufacturers based in Australia. Ongoing exchange of technologies with vehicle manufacturers enables Exide to remain at the forefront of meeting the needs of new vehicles. This, in turn, is supported by Exide's global connections with vehicle manufacturers around the world to ensure the latest technologies are employed to power the vehicles of the future.

Exide Technologies manufactures batteries designed and built for Australia’s extreme conditions at their TS16949 and ISO14001 accredited manufacturing facility located in Elizabeth, South Australia. Exide also operates a battery recycling facility in Wellington, New Zealand where around 1 million spent batteries are recycled every year contributing to a cleaner environment.

The award is testament to our Australian Made product and staff. Since 1935 we have been manufacturing world leading products in Australia, specifically designed for Australian conditions. We are proud to manufacture leading automotive product offerings – including the Extreme® and Extra® ranges – in Elizabeth, South Australia and we are delighted to be acknowledged by winning the Toyota President’s Award for Design and Development,” said John Cowpe – Exide Technologies Managing Director.


Australian Made for Australia

Tuesday, December 06, 2011
Exide Technologies is proud to partner with Australian Made, to promote our range of Australian Made product.

Exide Technologies is one of the largest battery suppliers to vehicles manufacturers based in Australia, and the technology exchange enables Exide to remain at the forefront of meeting the needs of new vehicles and leading the after-market category. This in-turn is supported by Exide's global connections with vehicle manufacturers around the world to ensure the latest technologies are employed to power the vehicles of the future.

Exide Technologies manufacturers product for transportation applications at our facility in Elizabeth, South Australia and has a battery recycling facility in Wellington, New Zealand. Exide Extra and Exide Extreme products carry the Australian Made logo and we are delighted to partner with Australian Made, a brand synonymous with quality, resilience and all that is Australian. These ranges are designed and built in Australian specifically for Australian Conditions. Why are they so good? Take a look at our Interactive Battery Tour and judge for yourself.

So when you're looking for a battery built tough to meet the needs of Australians, Choose Exide and look for this symbol.

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