The recycling of lead acid batteries is one of the most significant and enduring environmental success stories of our time with over 98% of lead acid batteries being able to be recycled.

Exide Batteries have a policy of protecting our treasured environment which is supported by our own Recycling Plant, which generates the necessary materials from Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB's).

Recycling has been an important factor in Exide's business model for many years.  Each year, our Recycling Plant produces approximately 96,000 metric tons of refined lead and lead alloys per annum.  Exide also is a significant recycler of plastic, capturing plastic from spent batteries and using it in the production cases and covers for new batteries.

Environmental stewardship and recycling is a major focus in all Exide operations.  Exide manufactures new batteries which are 98% recyclable and 85% comprised of previously recycled materials, so help us support our environment and re-cycle ULAB wherever you see this sign.