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GNB Industrial (Division of Exide Technologies) has a long & illustrious background of providing Chargers/DC Systems for industrial applications.  The options of switched-mode & thyristor technologies are both available through us.  Their applications are as listed below:


  • Turbine Pump
  • Protection relays
  • Switch Tripping
  • Emergency lighting
  • Tele-communication
  • Process control
  • Microwave Links
  • Traction Substation
  • Cathodic Protection Systems etc.

Our product range encompasses following voltages: 220V, 125V, 110V, 48V, 32V, 24V & 12V. Exide CBC/4 thyristor range has been widely acknowledged as a reliable source of DC power for more than 25 yrs in the region. Three phase & single phase systems from the CBC/4 range have been upgraded to include microprocessor based control. More-over these systems have serial port connectivity for remote monitoring of alarms & systems.

Industrial switched-mode systems branded as ‘EXEL POWER’ uses the modularity of switched mode Rectifiers, DC to AC inverters & DC to DC converters. They are integrated in 27 RU, 33 RU & 45 RU - 19” & 23” inches - rack mountable cabinets to produce power systems with high power density in a small foot-print. EXEL POWER has an optional inclusion of BATTERY CELL MONITORING covering all the above listed voltages.

In general Exide’s DC range can be used with either lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries.Our customisation capabilities cover both parallel & unitary chargers for industry specific segments. Inverter modules used with DC power are inclusive of static transfer & manual by-pass switches. DC Motor Starters with distribution centres & tie-in switches have also been produced in one single cabinet (EXEL POWER range) in the past. Higher ingress protection ratings like IP 43, IP 54 IP 56 etc. are also available for specific indoor & outdoor applications.

Our battery knowledge & a large network of offices provide a unique source of service & performance reliability on systems delivered to our customers.

Please contact  Industrial Chargers for further information..

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Our offerings cover IGBT, Pulse-width Modulation (PWM) premium solid state industrial inverters & UPS equipment. These equipments rank high in reliability & performance with redundancy in power supplies & processor control for each of the UPS subsystems.  KVA ratings are available in following voltages:


All the above UPS systems are classified as VFI 111 according to IEC/EN 62040-3 using matured Digital Signal Processing Systems (DSP). 

The matured DSP enhances parallel synchronisation between UPS’s avoiding the traditional master-slave configuration. UPS’s with such a technology have good short circuit behaviour & overload response pattern. THDv & THDi are dependent on the pulse rating of the rectifiers deployed & they are generally less than 2% & 5% respectively (assuming normal mains distortion level is prevalent at the input).

Other accessories offered are as listed below:

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All engineering, design & services support for the above systems are available through our call centres & service engineers on a consistent basis.  Please contact Industrial UPS for further information


Our AC & DC references cover some of the major customers from the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas – Supply of 22 KW DC UPS at 110 VDC, 20 KVA AC UPS & external by-pass switch with Batteries
  • Chemical Processing – Supply of 20KW DC UPS at 110VDC with Batteries.
  • Mining – Supply of 20 KVA AC UPS, 15 KW DC UPS at 110VDC, 5 KW DC UPS at 48 VDC with Distribution Boards.
  • Power Generation – Supply of 55KW DC UPS at 220VDC, 10 KW DC UPS at 110VDC, 60 KVA AC UPS with Surge Filters & Batteries.
  • Power Transmission – Supply of 8KW DC UPS’s at 110VDC & 48 VDC with Battery Cell Monitoring, Make-before-Break switch & Batteries.
  • Railways – Supply of 3 KW DC UPS at 110VDC with Batteries
  • Desalination Plant – Supply of 22 KW DC UPS at 110 VDC, Battery cell monitoring, DC/DC Converter Plants, DC/AC Inverter Plants, Batteries & Distribution Panels.
  • Water Treatment Plant – Supply of 40 KVA AC UPS, By-pass switches & Batteries.
  • Steel Plant – Supply of 4 KW DC UPS at 48VDC with Batteries.
  • Wind Farm – Supply of 11 KW DC UPS , 20 KVA AC UPS, Batteries & Distribution Panels

Please contact Systems Division for specific references

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